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SEO and Analytics

Those are powerful words. How do they work together? You want to optimize your site for the search engine. Analytics tells you if the optimization is working. Ask yourself these questions to get the process moving:

  • How many visitors are coming from search engine? Ready to Rumble
  • What keywords are users typing into get to your site?

If you know how many visitors are coming through search engines, you know the key terms you optimized for are working. Since most people do not look past search engine result page three (most don’t go past page one), then you know you are optimized well for that keyword. What if your traffic is low from search engines. Well you might want to check the keywords you’re trying to optimize for and see where exactly you show up. If you are result number 100 then most likely users are not finding you.

The keywords that users are typing in to find you is phenomenally important to your optimization. You need to know what users are currently typing in and you need to know what they are not typing in. The keywords that users are typing in and not finding your site is where you can be missing out. Come up with a full proof method of optimization so you can optimize for words that are searched for but you are not showing up in yet.


Shock! Traditional ad agency decries audience participation!

Again it’s Sebastian, I’m having a busy day trying to make up for the weekend when I’ll be away.

So Clemenger (at least here in Australia) have decided customer interaction is ‘a bad thing’. Of course it’s under the pretense of it being “Bad for the Industry” but come on, how can it be bad if someone is actually paying (positive) attention to your product?

Really, this sort of mindset will be the death of big advertising agencies. They all need to wake up and realise that nobody cares about them, not the client, not the consumer, nobody.

I wouldn’t be half surprised if the company bright enough to come up with the mash up program takes it straight to clients (that is, bypasses the agencies) I know I would. As the client, I’d love to see a tool that my customers want to interact with my brand with. Even better if they can mail it around to their friends.

Robert Morgan of Clemenger Communications Australia, your time is very limited if you keep voicing an opinion like that (if you have it and don’t voice it though, your entire agency is at risk… lose/lose sucks doesn’t it). are spammers

Once more Sebastian!

Really, I’ve had enough.

I want nothing more to do with them they lied about how they would use my email address, they lied on their signup page about the access you get as a ‘limited time only free signup’ which has no functionality and is simply used as a basis for selling me the full membership. (I’m not giving them a proper link). Don’t go there, don’t use it, don’t sign on, nothing.

p.s. If you have ever been spammed and want to get back at someone for it, might I suggest Letting them know how you feel about spam.

p.s. check out this squidoo lens I made about it…

Opt in vs. Opt out

Sebastian (again!)

Nothing earth shatteringly important today, just something that I noted.

I’m used to dealing with an Opt-out email package (don’t blame me, agency working for a client with an opt out list I swear) and my new job uses an Opt-in package instead.

How does a 27% click through sound? Yeah, it’s pretty good. That’s Opt-in. The agency I was at previously had the client with an opt out list, 0.03% click through!

What? That’s ridiculous. Similar sized lists (approximately 15,000) and such a huge difference.

As I said, nothing earth shattering. A huge difference though.

A long break

Sebastian here

Well, It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I’m going to take the lazy route and blame university exams, which finished last Friday. I can’t think of any other excuses so I guess it’s time to write again.

Goings on in the last few weeks include starting a job in SEO and online marketing with a small consultancy here in Sydney. Now ya’all will get a more professional approach.

I’ve worked in a large advertising agency before and on my last couple of days in the office one of our clients was getting some work double checked that was ‘content optimised’ or at least that’s what they were told by the company they were partnering with to build the site.

In truth the partner company had dropped 4 links from that page to video’s on their own website which could have just been hot linked.

Is this honest behaviour? On the one hand you could argue that the reader is getting the same thing either way, on the other hand instead of doing it the easier way (for the reader) they are doing it in the way which is beneficial to themselves.

I wouldn’t have minded so much except that the website was not optimised. It was going to come up high because it was linked from [insert big clients website]* and their partner company was just taking advantage of that to link to themselves.

I think it’s not honest, what about you? Sound off and let me know.

*Non disclosure agreements so I can’t actually reveal who. They are non-existent at my new work** so expect something a bit more specific rather than just vapid, empty commentary!

**I start Wednesday, wish me luck.

Farmer Wants a Link

Link Farm

No this isn’t a new hit reality show or a national geographic special on farming. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss link farms. What’s a link farm? MarketingProfs defines a link farm as a collection of links on a website that have no relation to one another other than just to build up link popularity.

Sounds good doesn’t because you and I know how much Google loves links. Google does not appreciate these types at all. In fact Google may even penalize you for participating in a link farm. There is no relevance to a link farm, let alone any value so why would a huge corporation such as Google want it in their search results. They wouldn’t.

Link building is one of the most popular and discussed issues in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of course webmasters would want to obtain the most links as possible, but doing so could not only hurt you with major search engine but your reputation as well. You don’t want your company to look sleazy and sneaky by participating in a link farm or others alike.

Advice for the day: CHECK YOUR LINKS!

Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to make money? Yes of course you do. Want to make that money online? I do! (And I know you do you too). Here is a great video that explains how affiliate marketing works with

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