Does your website have B.O.?

When is the last time you’ve “freshened” up your content, pictures, videos, keywords, etc. on your website? Was it a long time ago? That is probably something want to fix ASAP and have your website as relevant as possible.

Search Engines like to see relevant up-to-date fresh content, pictures, videos, keywords, etc. OutKast said it best…. “So fresh and so clean clean.” This is what search engines want; fresh content so that they are the most relevant resource for you to go to when you need information. If you used a search engine that never produced the results you were looking for would you continue to go back there? Most likely not.

Ok so how about the other half to the chorus? Your website should be cleaned through the layout, number of words per page are sufficient, the content and the keyword density. Search engines appreciate a good clean optimized website. When you read a magazine don’t you want to see the title of the article in the beginning? So do search engines. If you want to target a specific subject (aka a keyword/keyword phrase) for a specific page then you need to have that keyword as close to the beginning as possible.

So don’t forget to clean up your website! Make it relevant for not only the search engines but your visitors. Who wants to read the same content over and over and over again? Nobody.

Get to cleaning and freshen up that website!


Google Yourself!

Why would I want to Google myself? Well haven’t you ever wondered where your name is showing up out there in cyberspace? Go on try it. I dare you.

Ok. You did it and you most likely saw results. These results according to Google are the most relevant results about you. *Hint* if you type your name in quotes then it will only come up with results with this specific phrase.

Let’s look at my results and why I think they ended up this way.


Just to let you all know I did recently up-date this lens earlier today. But the last time the search engine cached anything was May 29th, 2008. This is a fairly recent date. My name is in the URL, the Header, in the body content and in the related tags. That could be a very good reason why it is ranked number one…


I have not updated this profile in probably quite sometime. Now the last time that Google cached my name on this site was May 22nd, 2008. Again a fairly recent date but not as recent as the number one search result. Google did not cache my name in the bold header at the top of a LinkedIn profile. (Maybe it shows up as a graphic?) The crawler did cache my name numerous amounts of other times through out the profile which is another reason why it boosted to the number two search result.

3.) Blive!

Wonderful to see the blog at number three for my name. The last time that Google cached this was May 28th, 2008. A more recent date than search result number two…. My name is only highlighted once at the bottom of the blog where I had my introduction. We try and keep this content relevant and fresh but since we don’t post our names on every post that might be why this is number three for my name.

So there’s a fun little way to see what out there is linking to your name or has your name in their content. Check it out and maybe you can optimize the results for your name on Google

SEO Black Magic?

I saw this cartoon on Flickr last week, and the joke of the cartoon got me thinking…

SEO Black Magic

There is no black magic or spell or one or two little things you can do to become the topped rank site. Anyone that tells you “I can get your site ranked # 1” is a flat out liar. There is no guarantee of being number # 1 on any search engine. There is a number of criteria and weights on those specific criteria for all search engines.

A lot of people out there truly believe that the following will get them ranked higher and it will not:

  • Putting white text full of keywords on a white background
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Using link farms
  • Having duplicate content

These techniques will not help your website in anyway. This lens on Squidoo can help you with valid ways to implement SEO techniques.

So to make a long story short SEO tricks, SEO guarantees, people who say they know any algorithms, and so many other quick sells are just pulling your chain. Watch those quick fixes and beware. Don’t forget to check out our blog on Technorati

Trying (and failing) to say something deep.

I never was the most eloquent person in class, however I’ve really taken the cake today.

I was randomly looking through some google blogs (damned internet, it started with a joke about bacon that led me on a search of google blogs for “flowchart” which led me to the Breezetree blog. This of course led me to a brilliant post, and my current dilemma.

You see, I’m of the opinion that sales are worth so many dozens of times more than views/leads/links (which are vital, so imagine how important I think sales are). Nick* showed the huge number of views/leads/links from google compared with Yahoo/MSN (the relevant pieces from now, Nick’s “other” is the other marketing he does). However, MSN/Yahoo delivered a greater proportion of sales (relative to views/leads/links) than google.

What’s my problem then? Well, I think it’s fascinating and I wanted to make a Squidoo lens about it, but I ran out of words.

So, I want to hear your ideas on it. Post it on the lens or on the comments on this blog, tell me what to say.


*Nicholas Hebb

We’ve all met Liz, who is this Sebastian fellow?

That would be me!

Hi all, I’m your local lovable Australian. You can check out my squidoo lens here.

Otherwise I’m your typical marketing student. I study and party and that’s about it. Personally I want to be as rich as possible, so a lot of my posts are going to be about how to make cash.

Great to be here with Liz, she’s a bright young thing (but don’t tell her I told you, she’ll get a big head).

Look forward to posting more

What is Blive?

I’m sure you are all wondering, what’s Blive?  Blive is the brand new, one of a kind Search Engine Optimization -SEO- and Affiliate Marketing blog.  The authors of this blog include myself Liz Stablein and Sebastian Graham who is all the way on the other side of the world from me.  Yes this blog is unique in that you will be getting an international perspective on SEO and Affiliate Marketing.   I am from Pennsylvania and Sebastian is from Australia.  We both will be posting on this blog so be ready for all those updates and posts from literally all over the world.

I hope everyone is as excited as we are about this opportunity! Please tune in for our next latest and greatest post.