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Shock! Traditional ad agency decries audience participation!

Again it’s Sebastian, I’m having a busy day trying to make up for the weekend when I’ll be away.

So Clemenger (at least here in Australia) have decided customer interaction is ‘a bad thing’. Of course it’s under the pretense of it being “Bad for the Industry” but come on, how can it be bad if someone is actually paying (positive) attention to your product?

Really, this sort of mindset will be the death of big advertising agencies. They all need to wake up and realise that nobody cares about them, not the client, not the consumer, nobody.

I wouldn’t be half surprised if the company bright enough to come up with the mash up program takes it straight to clients (that is, bypasses the agencies) I know I would. As the client, I’d love to see a tool that my customers want to interact with my brand with. Even better if they can mail it around to their friends.

Robert Morgan of Clemenger Communications Australia, your time is very limited if you keep voicing an opinion like that (if you have it and don’t voice it though, your entire agency is at risk… lose/lose sucks doesn’t it).