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Farmer Wants a Link

Link Farm

No this isn’t a new hit reality show or a national geographic special on farming. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss link farms. What’s a link farm? MarketingProfs defines a link farm as a collection of links on a website that have no relation to one another other than just to build up link popularity.

Sounds good doesn’t because you and I know how much Google loves links. Google does not appreciate these types at all. In fact Google may even penalize you for participating in a link farm. There is no relevance to a link farm, let alone any value so why would a huge corporation such as Google want it in their search results. They wouldn’t.

Link building is one of the most popular and discussed issues in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of course webmasters would want to obtain the most links as possible, but doing so could not only hurt you with major search engine but your reputation as well. You don’t want your company to look sleazy and sneaky by participating in a link farm or others alike.

Advice for the day: CHECK YOUR LINKS!


Google Yourself!

Why would I want to Google myself? Well haven’t you ever wondered where your name is showing up out there in cyberspace? Go on try it. I dare you.

Ok. You did it and you most likely saw results. These results according to Google are the most relevant results about you. *Hint* if you type your name in quotes then it will only come up with results with this specific phrase.

Let’s look at my results and why I think they ended up this way.

1.) Squidoo.com/LizStablein

Just to let you all know I did recently up-date this lens earlier today. But the last time the search engine cached anything was May 29th, 2008. This is a fairly recent date. My name is in the URL, the Header, in the body content and in the related tags. That could be a very good reason why it is ranked number one…

2.) LinkedIn.com/LizStablein

I have not updated this profile in probably quite sometime. Now the last time that Google cached my name on this site was May 22nd, 2008. Again a fairly recent date but not as recent as the number one search result. Google did not cache my name in the bold header at the top of a LinkedIn profile. (Maybe it shows up as a graphic?) The crawler did cache my name numerous amounts of other times through out the profile which is another reason why it boosted to the number two search result.

3.) Blive!

Wonderful to see the blog at number three for my name. The last time that Google cached this was May 28th, 2008. A more recent date than search result number two…. My name is only highlighted once at the bottom of the blog where I had my introduction. We try and keep this content relevant and fresh but since we don’t post our names on every post that might be why this is number three for my name.

So there’s a fun little way to see what out there is linking to your name or has your name in their content. Check it out and maybe you can optimize the results for your name on Google