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SEO and Analytics

Those are powerful words. How do they work together? You want to optimize your site for the search engine. Analytics tells you if the optimization is working. Ask yourself these questions to get the process moving:

  • How many visitors are coming from search engine? Ready to Rumble
  • What keywords are users typing into get to your site?

If you know how many visitors are coming through search engines, you know the key terms you optimized for are working. Since most people do not look past search engine result page three (most don’t go past page one), then you know you are optimized well for that keyword. What if your traffic is low from search engines. Well you might want to check the keywords you’re trying to optimize for and see where exactly you show up. If you are result number 100 then most likely users are not finding you.

The keywords that users are typing in to find you is phenomenally important to your optimization. You need to know what users are currently typing in and you need to know what they are not typing in. The keywords that users are typing in and not finding your site is where you can be missing out. Come up with a full proof method of optimization so you can optimize for words that are searched for but you are not showing up in yet.