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A long break

Sebastian here

Well, It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I’m going to take the lazy route and blame university exams, which finished last Friday. I can’t think of any other excuses so I guess it’s time to write again.

Goings on in the last few weeks include starting a job in SEO and online marketing with a small consultancy here in Sydney. Now ya’all will get a more professional approach.

I’ve worked in a large advertising agency before and on my last couple of days in the office one of our clients was getting some work double checked that was ‘content optimised’ or at least that’s what they were told by the company they were partnering with to build the site.

In truth the partner company had dropped 4 links from that page to video’s on their own website which could have just been hot linked.

Is this honest behaviour? On the one hand you could argue that the reader is getting the same thing either way, on the other hand instead of doing it the easier way (for the reader) they are doing it in the way which is beneficial to themselves.

I wouldn’t have minded so much except that the website was not optimised. It was going to come up high because it was linked from [insert big clients website]* and their partner company was just taking advantage of that to link to themselves.

I think it’s not honest, what about you? Sound off and let me know.

*Non disclosure agreements so I can’t actually reveal who. They are non-existent at my new work** so expect something a bit more specific rather than just vapid, empty commentary!

**I start Wednesday, wish me luck.