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marketingprofs.com are spammers

Once more Sebastian!

Really, I’ve had enough.

I want nothing more to do with them they lied about how they would use my email address, they lied on their signup page about the access you get as a ‘limited time only free signup’ which has no functionality and is simply used as a basis for selling me the full membership.

marketingprofs.com (I’m not giving them a proper link). Don’t go there, don’t use it, don’t sign on, nothing.

p.s. If you have ever been spammed and want to get back at someone for it, might I suggest Letting them know how you feel about spam.

p.s. check out this squidoo lens I made about it…


Opt in vs. Opt out

Sebastian (again!)

Nothing earth shatteringly important today, just something that I noted.

I’m used to dealing with an Opt-out email package (don’t blame me, agency working for a client with an opt out list I swear) and my new job uses an Opt-in package instead.

How does a 27% click through sound? Yeah, it’s pretty good. That’s Opt-in. The agency I was at previously had the client with an opt out list, 0.03% click through!

What? That’s ridiculous. Similar sized lists (approximately 15,000) and such a huge difference.

As I said, nothing earth shattering. A huge difference though.